Horse Retirement/Boarding Rates & Services

$195 per month includes:

  • Free roam pastures,
    mountain grasses
  • Daily observation
    and interaction
  • Health management
  • Records management
  • Fresh water year around
    (warm water offered in
    winter if needed)
  • Free choice Salt and trace mineral supplements
  • Digital pictures of your
    horse emailed

Additional Services

Hoof trimming as needed
Vaccinations as indicated in our area cost plus $5.
Worming or fecal tests as needed cost plus $5.
Extra feed and health supplements cost at purchase time
Veterinary service based on treatment by Vet
These charges will be billed to your account

We feed high quality alfalfa/grass hay during the winter. Because of the unpredictable & escalating hay pricing, we have been forced to add a hay surcharge to the months that we feed hay. That pricing is based on the actual hay costs. Expect $80–$100 per month for 5 months.

If there is any question about the health of your horse, we will contact you immediately for a discussion about treatment.  If you are unavailable, we make the assumption that your horse’s health is paramount and we will respond accordingly. You agree to take responsibility for the bill.

We provide routine individualized daily care for every horse. Additional customized care is available per request and pricing will be agreed upon in advance.

Note: We will sign a contract with you to clearly spell out: 1) the needs requested for you horse and; 2) what we will do for your horse.