Sheri Griffith, owner/manager

Horses have always been my passion. I’ve competed in the arena, trained horses for the track, pushed some cows, and climbed through deadfall on the trail. I’ve been a constant study of equine health, soundness and nutrition.

I have a degree in Animal Health Technology and have been an EMT for 30 years. I know the importance of preventative treatment and long term planning as well as emergency treatment.

For 40 years I’ve treated my older and injured horses. I know first hand the difficulty of finding solutions and a dependable, healthy place for them to live. This frustration and sometimes guilt, gave me the personal commitment to the ranch. Our trusty steeds have earned their freedom and personal care.

With a business background, I’m committed to quality service. You’ll receive great value for the price and 100% dependability. The Ranch Managers are there everyday, caring and providing for your companion. We’re there when you can’t be, so you can enjoy knowing they are cared for.