My nine year old paint, Tahoe, was diagnosed with EPM. I was now faced with having to deal with early retirement for Tahoe, but the prospect of boarding him for the next fifteen to twenty years in a small corral or stall was unthinkable. I was determined to find an environment that would be natural, outdoors, climatically suited to horses, and stress-free. Fortunately I found the La Sal Creek Ranch. The ranch is the perfect place to allow Tahoe to both live out his natural life in blissful retirement and provide a haven until a cure or successful treatment is found for EPM.

When I delivered Tahoe to the ranch I was overjoyed to see him run through one of the expansive pastures with his new equine buddies. It was truly an uplifting and emotional experience to see him so happy.

—Paul Ishikawa, Jr.
Park City, Utah

My Penny has been at the Ranch since 2009.  She was a terrific hunter and we won everything in our divisions but her little feet wore out. 

She is fat and happy at La Sal. Marlee and Justin take wonderful care of all the horses, checking them everyday and seeing to all their needs.  And their beautiful children are very comfortable around the horses and how lucky they are to grow up in such a wonderful environment.

The horses are in small herds of 6 to 8 and Marlee rotates as she sees fit.  They drink from the freshwater creek which they learn to do rather rapidly.  Marlee is a terrific hoof trimmer and Penny's hooves have never looked better.  You can discuss vaccinations, exams etc. with Sheri and anything and everything that comes to mind.  The horses are supremely taken care of.  We have been thrilled with the level of care she and all the horses receive.

—Marilyn Steane
Vail, CO

If I had my choice, I'd live at the ranch.

I very recently had one of my horses put down at the ranch. He had EPM almost all of his life. I know for a fact that he lived a much longer and happier life being free to roam with his buddies, than he was in a stall and run. He and Rusty had resided there 11 years. I was there with him at the ranch toward the end, and I felt blessed to have Marlee and Justin be the compassionate people they are. They showed the utmost respect for us. Rusty is still there, and in his mid to late 20s, is still going strong.

Sheri and Marlee are considerably knowledgeable about horses and their care, so there is a high comfort level knowing attention is being paid to the welfare of all the residents. Marlee, her husband and two young children reside on the property. Marlee and Justin know the horses and their personalities and Marlee will share her discoveries with you.

I take occasional trips to the ranch and just hang out with the horses. It's very therapeutic. Marlee will bring your horses into a corral for a visit if you prefer, but I head out into the pasture and visit.

You're always notified of the need for vet visits and are consulted about the procedures before anything is done, so nothing is a surprise. The cost of keeping the horses there is very reasonable by any boarding facility standards.

Actually, I come back to Denver and feel sorry for all horses that haven't had an opportunity to be "horses" in the true sense that they are at LaSal Ranch.

—Ginny McDonald
Evergreen, CO